RapidLash vs Idol Lash: A Quick Review


It is designed to beautify and nourish your eyelashes.

RapidLash eyelash conditioner is a highly popular lash enhancing serum currently available on the market. Its active ingredients that encourage lash hair growth are comprised of citric acid, panthenol, and phenoxyethanol. A major plus to RapidLash is what it doesn’t have: bimatoprost. Based on the FDA, bimatoprost’s side effects include “damage to the optic nerve [which] may lead to decreased vision and possibly blindness.” Regardless of this, bimatoprost is a common ingredient in many lash growth formula.

Sadly, RapidLash does have some cons. As stated on the company website, RapidLash causes aggravation at the base of your eyelashes. Many RapidLash consumers experienced discoloration around their eyes, in addition to having reported severe allergic reactions to this cosmetic.

Idol Lash

It is designed as a safe and fruitful eyelash growth serum.

For enhanced eyelash length, it is recommended a nightly use of Idol Lash for voluminous lashes that will “take his breath away.” Eyelash growth is affected by nutrition and well-being, as well as cleanliness and proper removal of makeup before bed. Idol Lash kills two birds with one stone by giving your lashes the nutrients it crazes in addition to eliminating extra mascara gunk.

This is what people say about Idol Lash:

Use Idol Lash for longer, glossy soft eyelashes, which nourishes lashes with proteins, milk fat and Vitamin E for healthy hair growth.