Is Idol Lash A Scam?

While women all around the globe have positive things to say about Idol Lash, and I use it as my go-to eyelash development serum, you still might be wondering if this product can really live up to all the hype and if there are problems that clients are reporting.

Naturally, I don’t attribute you. So I made the decision to dig within this question and report my findings to you personally. With this post, I hope it helps you determine whether Idol Lash is right for you.

What Is Idol Lash?

It’s called many things. An eyelash enhancer, a lash growth serum and some even call it an enhanced mascara. The name is not actually all that important. Only something we want you to know about in case you hear it mentioned differently here or when you’re placing your order. Everything refers to the same thing.

The very first thing to look for in ascertaining whether a cosmetic product is an actual deal is identifying whether there are quantifiable criteria used in tracking the outcomes after using the item.

  • Have clinical trials been realized?
  • Where these trials made by professionals?
  • Is the data that is presented accurate?
  • Is there evidence to back up their claims, in the kind of real reviews from actual customers?
  • Does the reporting entity have the ability to be making these claims?

Starting from the top, let’s get going.

Idol Lash Clinical Trials

The Idol Lash company has carried out in-depth, quantifiable, and trials that were assessed using scientific methodology. The only variable would be the nightly application of Idol Lash to the non-management eyelashes once each night.

Using the SigmaScan methodology, one can see measurable and definable advancements after 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and ultimately after 6 weeks. The measured improvements were 45%, 65%, and 70% respectively. The conclusion was drawn that really Idol Lash produces significant enhancements in the beautification of eyelashes when used according to directions.

The Idol Lash clinical trials were performed cosmeceutical, scientific researchers and by physicians. The element that is professional and knowledgeable is essential to guarantee the validity of claims. Given the evidence, it appears that these standards are passed by Idol Lash as well. Your eyelashes grow.

Data Correctness

The third standard of information precision receives a pass mechanically when putting together their study standards because the firm did its homework. The usage of SigmaScan (proven validation tool) equates to as near perfect accuracy as you can get.

Reporting Authority

Idol Lash as a firm has been in business for over 15 years. In regards to their products, their standing is very positive in the industry for its quality of clinical trials, merchandise, and forthrightness.

The organization is careful to alert buyers to the bogus claims of other less scrupulous companies and explain themselves in the method. They explain that thickening of lashes is anatomically impossible and that Idol Lash achieves improved density via regrowth and improved increase.

Scam Claims or the Real Thing?

Their clinical trials are also completely revealed by the Idol Lash company for validation. In case you’re not knowledgeable about how plenty of reviews and scam claims work online, we’ll give you a quick primer. People who use the products (hopefully) is where the testimonies and reviews come from.

Scam claims are usually filled with evidence of an attack from a rival.

After an in-depth investigation of both negative and positive reviews, it’s obvious the item is large and extremely rewarding to those for it works. It’s not astonishing there are reviewers who indicate the product did not function for them since we all know that nothing works for everybody.

Idol Lash reports frank and transparent results. Even in their clinical trials that they weren’t always 100% successful and the numbers were reported by them as such. This evidence supports the standards that are human. We are not all the same and hence no one product or experience will probably be suitable for all individuals.

Here are some helpful reviews I found from people who were not unhappy with the results they got. (For even more helpful reviews, take a look at my Idol Lash Reviews post.)

I adore Idol lash! This serum actually does work! I’ve been using it since June of 2014, it took about 3-4 months to see a difference.

– Michelle, online shopping site

I really like Idol Lash. It took a couple of weeks to really see results, and my lashes begin to return to their previous puny state if I don’t use it for a couple of days. But, after a couple of months go to every other day, and if I keep using it, it makes my lashes really long. I have also been using it for about 5 months. So, it works. Additionally, I’m very happy that it’s half the price of Latisse.

– Carmen, on-line shopping site