Do Eyelashes Grow Back? How Long Does It Take?

There are lots of characteristics that define attractiveness, and long and thick eyelashes are one of the primary ones. Sadly, just like other kinds of hairs growing on the human body, these fall off and can get damaged. Do eyelashes grow back? To answer this question, you should contemplate the causes of the problem, the development cycle of these hairs and the different treatments available.

Reasons for Eyelash Damage and Loss

Cosmetic treatments are one of the most common causes of damage to these tender, although thick hairs. Their construction may get damaged when curling utensils are often used. The use of different types of cosmetic products may also cause harm.

Medical illnesses can cause these hairs to fall off. The medical term for this symptom is milphosis. Acute inflammation of the face and some chronic diseases may also cause the hairs on the eyelids to fall off.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back After the Cause of Damage is Removed?

They should grow back after the origin of the problem is removed entirely. For instance, if you take milphosis being caused by medications, the hairs on your eyelids will grow back when you stop taking the drugs. The hairs will grow back to normal eventually if you are treated from the skin or another ailment. Any damaged hairs will shed naturally, and new healthy ones will grow.

How Long Does It Take

This is dependent upon the development cycle of these hairs. Just like the development cycles of all other kinds of hairs, it’s 3 phases. These are the telogen stage, characterized by the natural shedding of the hairs, and the anagen phase, defined by productive development, the catagen period, defined by dormancy. While the one that is shedding can be longer than 100 days, the development phase lasts for 30 to 45 days. The dormancy period is usually pretty brief.

On average, the growth cycle is finished in 4 months. This means that you only should anticipate the new growth to start after the successful removal of the cause that is milphosis. The increase of the hairs to span and their preceding thickness may take another four months and maybe more.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back Thicker and Longer with an Enhancer?

There are different types of eyelash enhancers accessible on the market. You can go for a prescription product or an over-the-counter one. The various products have different ingredients but work somewhat similarly. Additionally, some products increase the development cycle of these hairs. As they grow for longer, the hairs have greater thickness and length.

Do eyelashes grow back? You know the answer to this question. You should consider discussing it with your doctor first if you decide to use a product for stimulating their growth. They should confirm the product is safe to use after the treatment which you have experienced.