Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum Review

latisse eyelash serumYou will probably be astonished at the potential of Latisse if you’ve grown used to having thin, short, and uninspiring eyelashes. It is a new prescription treatment that may help depth, length, and your eyelashes gain volume. This article will explain the Latisse eyelash treatment so you can determine if it is suitable for you. We’ll be considering both the advantages of treatment, along with what you can anticipate at home. And if it’s right for you, you will be enjoying thicker and much more luscious lashes in no time!

How Does Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

Lattise is a carefully designed treatment from the Allergan firm; it’s a prescription eyelash treatment made to help those with thin or feeble lashes, available from your physician. It’s meant to be applied at home by the client once or twice a day straight to the eyelid, right along the eyelash line. This routine use increases the variety of lashes that are actively growing at just about any particular time.

Latisse has as its main ingredient bimatoprost, an ingredient included in several prescription eyedrops. However, it’s still a prescription medication, which is why it is vital that you check with a medical professional or a physician at a reputable medical spa, who can review your medical history to determine if you have any conditions that could socialize with Latisse.

What Do You Need To Expect When Receiving Latisse Eyelash Enhancement?

It’s merely a case of implementing it as prescribed and following directions. You can merely make it up the following day, if you miss a day, no worries. Latisse starts to take effect with clearly thicker, fuller, and much more notable lashes in 4 to 5 months’ time, after the first month. Write them down to inquire during your medical spa visit, if you’ve any questions regarding the use of Latisse.

What to Expect After Starting Daily Use of Latisse?

It will be up to you to use the Latisse lash serum. While undergoing treatment with Latisse you can nevertheless use mascara typically. You can even use it while using your regular contact lenses with eyelash extensions. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes should return to normal over the following several weeks. The vast majority of patients experience no side effects that are negative and detect an important development in span, lash fullness, and darkness after two months. Some patients may notice darkening of the skin of the eyelid or little dry-eye symptoms, but these will disappear if they’re bothersome enough to do so, after discontinuing use. Read reviews on other eyelash enhancement serums on this website.

Is Idol Lash A Scam?

While women all around the globe have positive things to say about Idol Lash, and I use it as my go-to eyelash development serum, you still might be wondering if this product can really live up to all the hype and if there are problems that clients are reporting.

Naturally, I don’t attribute you. So I made the decision to dig within this question and report my findings to you personally. With this post, I hope it helps you determine whether Idol Lash is right for you.

What Is Idol Lash?

It’s called many things. An eyelash enhancer, a lash growth serum and some even call it an enhanced mascara. The name is not actually all that important. Only something we want you to know about in case you hear it mentioned differently here or when you’re placing your order. Everything refers to the same thing.

The very first thing to look for in ascertaining whether a cosmetic product is an actual deal is identifying whether there are quantifiable criteria used in tracking the outcomes after using the item.

  • Have clinical trials been realized?
  • Where these trials made by professionals?
  • Is the data that is presented accurate?
  • Is there evidence to back up their claims, in the kind of real reviews from actual customers?
  • Does the reporting entity have the ability to be making these claims?

Starting from the top, let’s get going.

Idol Lash Clinical Trials

The Idol Lash company has carried out in-depth, quantifiable, and trials that were assessed using scientific methodology. The only variable would be the nightly application of Idol Lash to the non-management eyelashes once each night.

Using the SigmaScan methodology, one can see measurable and definable advancements after 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and ultimately after 6 weeks. The measured improvements were 45%, 65%, and 70% respectively. The conclusion was drawn that really Idol Lash produces significant enhancements in the beautification of eyelashes when used according to directions.

The Idol Lash clinical trials were performed cosmeceutical, scientific researchers and by physicians. The element that is professional and knowledgeable is essential to guarantee the validity of claims. Given the evidence, it appears that these standards are passed by Idol Lash as well. Your eyelashes grow.

Data Correctness

The third standard of information precision receives a pass mechanically when putting together their study standards because the firm did its homework. The usage of SigmaScan (proven validation tool) equates to as near perfect accuracy as you can get.

Reporting Authority

Idol Lash as a firm has been in business for over 15 years. In regards to their products, their standing is very positive in the industry for its quality of clinical trials, merchandise, and forthrightness.

The organization is careful to alert buyers to the bogus claims of other less scrupulous companies and explain themselves in the method. They explain that thickening of lashes is anatomically impossible and that Idol Lash achieves improved density via regrowth and improved increase.

Scam Claims or the Real Thing?

Their clinical trials are also completely revealed by the Idol Lash company for validation. In case you’re not knowledgeable about how plenty of reviews and scam claims work online, we’ll give you a quick primer. People who use the products (hopefully) is where the testimonies and reviews come from.

Scam claims are usually filled with evidence of an attack from a rival.

After an in-depth investigation of both negative and positive reviews, it’s obvious the item is large and extremely rewarding to those for it works. It’s not astonishing there are reviewers who indicate the product did not function for them since we all know that nothing works for everybody.

Idol Lash reports frank and transparent results. Even in their clinical trials that they weren’t always 100% successful and the numbers were reported by them as such. This evidence supports the standards that are human. We are not all the same and hence no one product or experience will probably be suitable for all individuals.

Here are some helpful reviews I found from people who were not unhappy with the results they got. (For even more helpful reviews, take a look at my Idol Lash Reviews post.)

I adore Idol lash! This serum actually does work! I’ve been using it since June of 2014, it took about 3-4 months to see a difference.

– Michelle, online shopping site

I really like Idol Lash. It took a couple of weeks to really see results, and my lashes begin to return to their previous puny state if I don’t use it for a couple of days. But, after a couple of months go to every other day, and if I keep using it, it makes my lashes really long. I have also been using it for about 5 months. So, it works. Additionally, I’m very happy that it’s half the price of Latisse.

– Carmen, on-line shopping site

How To Grow Thicker Eyelashes

thick eyelashesWhat girl would say no to thicker, longer eyelashes? The majority of girls crave thicker eyelashes for the sole goal of appearing much more appealing and hotter. Forget about the health rationale which has thick eyelashes including eye protection, the well-being variable that is more than likely never crossed their minds. Thick eyelashes may be a focus of one’s face and are attention getters. Girls spend countless dollars on attempting to enhance their eyelashes and create that hot thicker appearance they feel they lack.

Cosmetic companies do an exceptional job of encouraging the sexiest and hottest things in eyelash care. Celebrities and amazing models prance on the other side of the display displaying their long eyelashes that are gorgeously simply by using this mascara brand or merchandise that they developed.

Steps to Attaining Thicker Eyelashes

What’s the trick to thicker eyelashes? Can it be discovered in a tube or a bottle? Everybody develops and reacts to ingredients and products natural or not. Vaseline is just another natural treatment that’s worked well for some.

For those who have personally attempted one or more of the natural home treatments and have yet to get a proper look then you may wish to try one of these products:

Latisse is a prescription that’s made to help stimulate the development of eyelashes. The product was viewed on television being marketed by stars who maintain the product works wonders. Speak to your doctor about side effects that are potential.

Idol Lash may be used on both the top and bottom lash and is applied like a mascara. While helping the eyelash grow this kind of product helps condition the eyelash. Net reviews have been very favorable, and also you could purchase a lifetime supply for a relatively small cost.

How To Use Eyelash Glue


duo-eyelash-adhesiveThe eyelashes must be applied directly from the package or the casing in which they were received. This prevents particles of soil and dust attaching to the strip which makes contact with the skin in your eyelids.

Washing your hands with warm water and antibacterial liquid soap will reduce the risk of infection and may also help to eliminate dirt on your fingers. It’s also crucial that you have a clean surface, eyelash adhesive and a pair of tweezers within easy reach.


The application of the lashes can discover how natural the lashes will look. Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to detail during this process. The recommended procedure is slightly different to what most will do, however, the success rate is far greater than using surplus glue to the lash and potentially damaging it.

Put a minuscule amount of eyelash adhesive in your hand. Softly run the strip of the lash across the glue, making sure it’s equally dispersed across the whole length of the piece. If you accidentally apply too much strike gently in a side-to-side movement to make the glue less runny.

Checks and Allowances

Once the lash is used, several checks can be done to ensure the false eyelash is employed firmly and won’t fall off. Firstly, the lash shouldn’t have any edges that overhang from the natural shape of your eyelid. The lash may have to be reapplied or trimmed to fit your eye if the strip is hanging off in the corners then. It’s rewarding checking account for any observable lash adhesive on the skin. If the lash glue is visible on your skin, it could potentially find its way into your eye and cause infection or irritation.

A high-quality professional lash adhesive should not do this but many ordinary pastes can end up being visible on the lid which attracts attention to the lashes and ruins the look. You may need to remove it with a damp washcloth if this lash glue is visible. Keep in mind that the greatest eyelash adhesive is usually available in two colors. You’ll have the ability to mix the adhesive against your lash if you are using black eyelash glue, and it’ll seem more natural!

You’ll be able to resume with the rest of your makeup once you’re happy with the position and appearance of your lashes. This is personal taste although some women prefer to use lashes at the ending of their makeup regime.

No matter how much attention you dedicate to each procedure and how cautious you’re with the eyelashes, the lashes won’t stay on your eyelids if the lash glue is high quality. Only a professional false eyelash adhesive or professional eyelash extension paste can guarantee your lashes will stay on your own eyes no matter what conditions you face.

Should You Wear False Eyelashes Or Grow Your Own?

false-eyelash-extensionsWell girls, what’s the deal? There are lots of fake eyelashes available on the market, and yes, they have a price – not just the upfront costs but the ongoing maintenance of those lovely lash treatments! Incredible lashes are of course the dream of every woman, but we’re not all gifted with amazing eyelashes. To get the look, how can we choose? Let’s have a look at our options:

False Eyelashes

Daring and have a steady, arty hand? It’s possible for you to try your fortune with eyelash glue and stick on an incredible pick of false eyelashes. They come in-depth, lengths, and many colors, with alternatives to dazzle your friends with bling that is extra or even glow in the dark lashes! False eyelashes are either sold as Individual or Strip and come in colors from blondes to wild or black colors like purples and greens. The difference between individual and strip lashes is in the way they are used.

Individual lashes come in two styles: regular or bunch, are applied to the base of your eyelashes to create a fuller appearance. Lashes that are individual will stay in place until your natural eyelash sheds.

Strip eyelashes, on the other hand, can be removed and are applied to the eyelid across the top of your natural eyelash line and reused. They can be priced not as expensive as ten dollars made from silk or artificial, or as much as forty dollars for a pair. If it’s costume cosmetics you are doing, then by all means – go insane! To achieve a ‘natural’ look the general rule is to stick to colors that most suit your natural color. If it’s evening wear you’re creating fantastic lashes for, then go with black. And be careful with eyelash glue. It can be very dangerous to your eyes if not applied correctly.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are costly; however give a more permanent look. Heading to the salon for some is an encouraging way of getting the look right. They’re applied to individual eyelashes, one lash at a time, by an experienced tech. They don’t come cheap, but prices can vary. What you must look for when comparing prices is the quality of the lashes used, the qualifications of the tech and the on-going cost of getting your eyelash extensions refilled.

Many salons will have different cost structures. Your first treatment will be a ‘complete set,’ which is between 50 to 70 lashes per eye and can take from 90 minutes up to finish the treatment, costing from about $200. They last around six weeks, so long as you do not wear waterproof mascara.

Grow Your Eyelashes Normally

Another craze in the quest for perfect eyelashes is to enhance or make your eyelashes grow naturally. The key to these products would be to nourish and strengthen brittle eyelashes as well as to stimulate new development. Usually, the eyelash enhancer serums come in a mascara wand and have a protein formula that is applied one or two times a day.

What to look for when you’re out there buying: Make sure the ingredients are considered safe (for sensitive eyes) and powerful, together with being clinically studied and established. Bear in mind much of the merchandise to get results you’ll need to use, and if usage is ongoing. This should give you an indication of what it’ll wind up costing you before you purchase. Be careful with dangerous ingredients like prostaglandin and paraben.

How To Use An Eyelash Curler

eyelash-curlersWomen go to increasingly desperate lengths to look lovely. After all, from eyeliner to lip gloss, there is absolutely no characteristic of your face that cannot be improved by some make-up or attractiveness process. Some beauty tools, however, can be chilling and intimidating. Just like that tool I like to call the eyelash curler. Many folks are scared to use eyelash curlers; they fear their eyes will be damaged by sticking the metal tool near their eyes. But you should not let this beauty tool intimidate you–if you understand how to use eyelash curlers correctly; they can be quite expensive beauty utensils.

There is a certain technique to curling your eyelashes, but if you can master this technique, you will have beautiful, voluptuous that everyone will admire. Everyone will appreciate your new fresh look, during evening or day. You’ll look fantastic.

How to Use an Eyelash Curler

To get started you should make sure your eyelashes are not dirty of other makeup because curlers tend to work best on clean eyelashes. You should use makeup remover to remove other or old mascara makeup. To receive the best results, use a blow dryer to warm the eyelash curler carefully.

Put the eyelash curler under a dryer for about 5 seconds under low heat. Open the curler and clamp it on your lashes close the roots. Hold the eyelash curler at your eyelashes for 10 to 30 seconds. The longer you hold curlers, the more your eyelashes will curl. As you move up your lashes unclamp and clamp the eyelash curler. Duplicate this process on your other eye. If you need, you could curl your lower eyelashes, but many individuals don’t feel this is necessary.

Never try to push your curlers up your eyelashes. This could cause you to pull out your eyelashes by mistake at the roots. Additionally, you should not attempt to use eyelash curlers once you have used mascara. The mascara begins to dry and will cause the lashes to stick to the eyelash curlers. Because of this, it’s possible to break your eyelashes at their roots.

It’s easier and more efficient to use an eyelash enhancer, but some people like to use the classic tools.

Keeping It Clean

Many developments have been made to eyelash curlers through the years. Now, eyelash curlers are made of more permanent materials. Moreover, the pads are gentler and softer. The pads on eyelash curlers are frequently silicon-treated to encourage comfort. It’s very crucial that you change this pad every two months.

Growing Your Eyebrows Naturally

grow eyebrows naturallyiEyebrow hairs are sparse and slow-growing. I don’t have to tell you how distressing this is through plucked eyebrows or when you’ve got irregular. Your eyebrows are your facial feature that is distinguishing and noticed after your eyes. Here’s the way you can speed up your eyebrows’ regrowth.

Make sure you’re getting all the minerals and vitamins needed for optimal hair growth. The most vital nutrients are biotin, silica, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, and vitamin B6.

Eat a diet that is certainly rich in protein. Hair is made up of protein, so your eyebrows will want a lot of protein for them to grow at their fastest rates.

Avoid tweezing, waxing, while your eyebrows regrow or threading. Instead, shape your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, brow powder, and eyebrow wax.

The quickest way to get fuller eyebrows is to use a natural eyebrow development stimulator. These items contain minerals, vitamins, and proteins needed for strong, healthy eyebrows.

Follow these four simple suggestions to get the thick bold eyebrows you have been dreaming about. If your eyebrows are overplucked and damaged from years of tweezing, your brows may take a lengthy time to grow back. They may be excellent and thin if they grow back at all.

The best thing you can do to optimize the number of regrowth is to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole animal source proteins.

A Smartlash Eyelash Enhancer Review

smartlash-enhancerEvery girl envies and hopes to have long and glossy eyelashes. Smartlash is a product introduced by IQderma (a company from California) that is among the most revered beauty product manufacturers in the marketplace today and assures to supply the desired impact.

Despite the fact that there are various eyelash boosters available over the counter today, its design and the product has resulted in millions of reviews that are favorable amongst women. The thing vows to help increase thicker eyelashes and longer, luscious. Longer and more abundant lashes contribute in making your eyes look larger and brighter and have the ability to make facial features appear more explained.

Smartlash uses VisiLash technologies to prevent the dangerous results that some products have a tendency to create.  The primary ingredient in the product is water, which is of course not harmful. Furthermore, it features marsupium bark extract, soybean oil, panthenol, lecithin, apigenin and mannitol in and more. They don’t contain prostaglandin that is used by typical eyelash enhancers. It is also evident of the harmful effects due to similar items.

It’s been recommended to use this product twice a day, morning and night on your eyebrows. The merchandise is a powerful remedy against eyelashes which are now shortening because of other beauty products and the outside surroundings.

Added benefits

Results from this eyelash enhancer have been great during testing. A 65% increase in eyelash length in 60 days and a growth of 100% in volume has been reported in an independent medical study. The deficiency of prostaglandin is favorable. It can be purchased from independent stores or online. It matches magnificently with mascara. This specific eyelash enhancer can be used by wearers of contact lens also, and will not create any annoyance.

It has a lot of advantages, which get lower the need for using skin drying compounds, clumpy mascara, expensive extensions and tacky eyelash adhesive. It is safe for the eyebrows and contains no parabens. There have been no reported indicators of discoloration too.

Among the many similar products you can buy now, Smartlash is offered on a free trial at $5 for shipping and handling, and even if used two times a day (as is recommended), it can readily last many months. This product has got a lot of reviews that are not neutral, although a lot of them assert to enhance and improve eyelashes.

RapidLash vs Idol Lash: A Quick Review


It is designed to beautify and nourish your eyelashes.

RapidLash eyelash conditioner is a highly popular lash enhancing serum currently available on the market. Its active ingredients that encourage lash hair growth are comprised of citric acid, panthenol, and phenoxyethanol. A major plus to RapidLash is what it doesn’t have: bimatoprost. Based on the FDA, bimatoprost’s side effects include “damage to the optic nerve [which] may lead to decreased vision and possibly blindness.” Regardless of this, bimatoprost is a common ingredient in many lash growth formula.

Sadly, RapidLash does have some cons. As stated on the company website, RapidLash causes aggravation at the base of your eyelashes. Many RapidLash consumers experienced discoloration around their eyes, in addition to having reported severe allergic reactions to this cosmetic.

Idol Lash

It is designed as a safe and fruitful eyelash growth serum.

For enhanced eyelash length, it is recommended a nightly use of Idol Lash for voluminous lashes that will “take his breath away.” Eyelash growth is affected by nutrition and well-being, as well as cleanliness and proper removal of makeup before bed. Idol Lash kills two birds with one stone by giving your lashes the nutrients it crazes in addition to eliminating extra mascara gunk.

This is what people say about Idol Lash:

Use Idol Lash for longer, glossy soft eyelashes, which nourishes lashes with proteins, milk fat and Vitamin E for healthy hair growth.

How Does Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

It is because of various environmental factors like shampoos, soap, chlorinated water and rubbing your eyes lead to the loss of eyelashes. In some people, in addition to this, hormonal and metabolic conditions is said to cause a loss of eyelashes. Nevertheless, with the aid of an excellent eyelash growth serum, it is possible to help in the re-growth of your eyelashes that are fallen.

In some instances, even excessive use of mascara is said to lead to a weakening of the eyelashes. This is because on applying mascara on your eyelashes, they fall off naturally because of weight.

Quite a couple of lashes often fall off when you try and remove them as waterproof mascaras are the toughest to remove. Also, when you attempt to remove eye makeup, there’s a high possibility of lashes becoming pulled out. This eye makeup should be rubbed off softly.

Eyelashes weaken with heavy use of curlers

Even excessive use of eyelash curlers tends to weaken lashes. This is why it is wise to use eyelash curlers. If you find an excessive falling of lashes despite the fact that you only don’t use any makeup, mascara or curlers, then it is better to consult a doctor about it as it could be a medical issue like an allergy or disease.

While eyelashes tend to re-grow, you can enrich the development of lashes by using some eyelash growth serum to your eyelashes. There are many serums in the marketplace made from ingredients like protein serum, rosehip seed oil, wheat germ oil and oil of jojoba.

Try not to touch surrounding areas

An eyelash development serum helps in stimulating the growth of eyelashes. Along with this, its nutrients assist in protecting and lengthening, thickening frail eyelashes. It also promotes healthy development for thicker eyelashes in a couple of weeks’ time.

Eyelash growing serum is available in a dropper bottle type without actually touching the oils in the bottle, so you could readily implement the serum to your lashes. Be cautious not to let the serum reach any other place. This is because some eyelash development serums tend to lead to skin discoloration and in extraordinary cases, even trigger some allergic reaction.

Use it every day for a month

It’s always better to wash your hands thoroughly before implementing the serum to the base of lashes. For better results, use eyelash development serum evenings, mornings and every day. Before you find any results, you’ll have to apply eyelash growth serum on your eyelashes for at least four weeks.

With routine use of eyelash development serums; there isn’t any need of your spending any cash on eyelash thickening agents and eyelash extensions. Nonetheless, it is essential that you just refill your prescription of eyelash development serum as after you cease applying it to your eyelashes, your eyelashes start growing at its usual growth rate.