A Smartlash Eyelash Enhancer Review

smartlash-enhancerEvery girl envies and hopes to have long and glossy eyelashes. Smartlash is a product introduced by IQderma (a company from California) that is among the most revered beauty product manufacturers in the marketplace today and assures to supply the desired impact.

Despite the fact that there are various eyelash boosters available over the counter today, its design and the product has resulted in millions of reviews that are favorable amongst women. The thing vows to help increase thicker eyelashes and longer, luscious. Longer and more abundant lashes contribute in making your eyes look larger and brighter and have the ability to make facial features appear more explained.

Smartlash uses VisiLash technologies to prevent the dangerous results that some products have a tendency to create.  The primary ingredient in the product is water, which is of course not harmful. Furthermore, it features marsupium bark extract, soybean oil, panthenol, lecithin, apigenin and mannitol in and more. They don’t contain prostaglandin that is used by typical eyelash enhancers. It is also evident of the harmful effects due to similar items.

It’s been recommended to use this product twice a day, morning and night on your eyebrows. The merchandise is a powerful remedy against eyelashes which are now shortening because of other beauty products and the outside surroundings.

Added benefits

Results from this eyelash enhancer have been great during testing. A 65% increase in eyelash length in 60 days and a growth of 100% in volume has been reported in an independent medical study. The deficiency of prostaglandin is favorable. It can be purchased from independent stores or online. It matches magnificently with mascara. This specific eyelash enhancer can be used by wearers of contact lens also, and will not create any annoyance.

It has a lot of advantages, which get lower the need for using skin drying compounds, clumpy mascara, expensive extensions and tacky eyelash adhesive. It is safe for the eyebrows and contains no parabens. There have been no reported indicators of discoloration too.

Among the many similar products you can buy now, Smartlash is offered on a free trial at $5 for shipping and handling, and even if used two times a day (as is recommended), it can readily last many months. This product has got a lot of reviews that are not neutral, although a lot of them assert to enhance and improve eyelashes.