A Personal Review of Idol Lash

idol lashIdol lash can really enhance your eyelashes along with the beautiful features of your face.  The fullness of your lips, the color of your eyes and the shape of your nose they all add up to make you the beautiful person that you are. That’s why even subtle changes to those features can dramatically enhance your look. No wonder people go for botox to get their lips fuller or have surgeries to get the nose shape more defined. For those who do not want to change the looks that nature has given them, there are ample makeup techniques available for contouring and making your eyes prominent too.

Eyelashes are one such feature that really enhances your eyes. Elongated, curved eyelashes have long been considered a sign of rare and exquisite beauty, and are very eye catching too. That is why beauty parlors often use falsies as part of their makeup regime, because, let’s face it, most of us mere mortals do not have those beautiful, full eyelashes that writers and poets have often described as a sign of a rare splendor.

However, most of us would prefer if instead of using falsies, we could grow our eyelashes naturally. This is because that would be natural, and a permanent feature of our face. And it would save us the hassle of sticking and removing the fake lashes again and again. It would also save cost in buying a new pair of fake lashes every now and then, which are by no means cheap! Also, the process of putting on and removing false eyelashes is itself damaging to the natural lashes and causes them to come off as well.

Idol lash is one such product available in the market. Let’s find out what this is all about.

What Is Idol Lash?

It is a growth serum that promises to deliver within a few weeks what you have been looking for the whole of your life. And what is their promise? Their promise is visibly darker, longer and thicker eyelashes just like you wanted! Because what it does is to enhance the growth of hair, you can use it for your eyebrows as well. The manufacturer is a company called Pacific Naturals. The company was founded in 2002.

There have been clinical trials performed to show that Idol Lash indeed thickens your eyelash hair. The growth percentages carried out in these trials as reported have been as high as 72% in 42 days.

How To Use It

Idol Lash needs to be applied once a day just like you would apply your eyeliner. This is an eyelash conditioner, and can also be applied while wearing eyelash extensions. The manufacturers claim that eyelash density increases by 82% in as little as two to four weeks. It is said to be safe and least irritating even for sensitive eyes. It’s a simple three-step process:

  • Use a cleaner to remove any traces of makeup from the eyes
  • Apply it at the base of the lashes like a mascara
  • Leave it on while you sleep so it can do its work

Ingredients used in Idol Lash

Some of the ingredients used in Idol Lash are:

  • Nettle extract: the manufacturers claim this to be the backbone of their product, as it helps accelerate hair growth right at the root hairs. It has been used to treat baldness and it also has benefits for growing your eyelashes.
  • Alfalfa extract: This extract has been said to be used as a source of vitamins A, C and E and K4. However, more evidence is required to confirm this.
  • Honey extract contains many vitamins and minerals and is extensively used in homemade and commercial products for healthy and nourished hair. It makes the hair soft and it acts against dry weather so that your hair can last longer before being shed.
  • Chamomile extract: Chamomile refers to daisy-like plants, and this term encompasses a wide range of different species of the similar plants. This is an ancient medicinal herb, used for healing wounds, and its therapeutic properties have been well known throughout the world. It has many antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Arnica extract: it has been used as a homeopathic medicine to cure skin wounds. It has antibiotic properties and is used in hair tonics as well as antidandruff treatments.
  • Kelp extract: Kelp is a whole food that contains vitamin B, folic acid and vitamin A. The extract concentrates all these nutrients to give you the nourishment you need
  • Folic acid is useful for generation of new cells in the body
  • It has skin firming properties which prevent puffy and saggy skin
  • It also helps regulate the thyroid gland in your body
  • A component called laminaria angustate is used to make hair denser
  • Wheat germ acid: Wheat germ is actually the small center part of a wheat kernel, and is loaded with nutrients. It is packed with carbohydrates and proteins (an essential for hair growth) along with vitamin A, B, and E and minerals like potassium and iron as well as calcium. It boosts the immune system and has anti-aging properties, and one of its suggested usages has been to treat receding hairlines. It also plays a big role in cell metabolism.
  • Jojoba seed oil: This oil has been used for centuries to give nourishment to dull and damaged hair. It is extracted from the nuts of an American shrub.
  • Because it is quite close in its properties to sebum, it acts as a natural hair conditioner.
  • It acts as a carrier oil for other essential oils
  • It acts as a moisturizer because being a waxy substance it locks in the moisture in the skin.
  • It is an emollient, and it acts as a skin soother, and to unclog hair follicles. It is believed that unclogged hair follicles are conducive to hair growth. Jojoba oil has been extensively used by people suffering from hair loss.
  • Jojoba oil can be used for chapped lips, dry hands, and feet, and dry hair as well.
  • Cocoyl: This is the short form for Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, an ingredient derived from coconut oil. It is used commonly in cleansing products as well as shampoos and tonics. It helps water stick to the dust and oil on your face so that it can be washed away.

beautiful eyelashes


It is available at a price of $35 from Amazon. If you order from the Idol Lash official website, you will be charged as per the following rate:

You can buy 1 pack for $39.95.

You can buy 2 packs for $69.95 which saves you approximately $10.

If you buy 3 packs, you get one free and the total cost is $119.95. This saves you $39.85.

If you order 4 packs, you get 2 free at a total price of $159.95. You save $79.75.

When you open their website, the free shipping option appears which you can avail to avoid those charges. Sometimes, they will offer you a free trial so be sure to take advantage of it.

There is a 90-day money return guarantee, but that is only for the unused and unopened bottle of Idol Lash. Opened products will not be accepted. Furthermore, a $10 restocking fee can be charged. For further information, you can call on their US and International number: 818-303-9260

If you are ordering from within the United States, the estimated delivery time is between 4 to 10 business days and international orders will be delivered within 14 to 21 business days. They advise you to contact them if you still haven’t received it after 21 days. Also, please be very careful while filling out the form. If you, unfortunately, happen to enter the wrong address, and they have to reship the package, you will be charged an extra amount for that as well.

Positive & Negative Reviews

Idol Lash has garnered both positive and negative views from users, which may leave people in doubt as to the credibility of this product. For some users, it has made a genuine change in their lives and their facial appearance. One user said it took few weeks to see the results while another said that it took 3-4 months; but the results were there nonetheless, as there was a significant transformation. Most of its users have become regulars.

Although there are concerns that the lashes go back to their less dense state if they stop using it. And some people wonder if Idol Lash is a scam. However, one user said that over a long time usage she could reduce the application frequency from daily to every other day, and thus make it last longer. The before and after pictures of lashes also show a significant change. There has been no harm to the eyes reported while applying the Idol Lash. Better results have been guaranteed with longer use.

Now let’s move on to the negative reviews. There have been complaints about the product efficacy, as people said it didn’t really work for them and they did not notice a significant change. Yet another person complained about the product irritating her eyes. Some others called it a waste of their money. As mentioned before, there are issues with long-term efficacy, because the lashes go back to their old selves if you discontinue use. But that holds for many products, including fairness creams and anti-dandruff shampoos.

There have also been reports of your credit card being charged automatically, and you being set unauthorized bottles of Idol Lash. However, the website mentions in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section that while enrolling in the membership, you basically agree to have the product at the ‘trial product’ cost till that period, and afterward, you will be charged the full retail price. You will basically have to call them up to cancel otherwise, they can even use third party collection efforts. I think it is better to go through the terms and conditions listed on any website before ordering their products.

Final Review

The clinical trial and positive reviews from users show that Idol Lash, indeed, works. However, just as with anything else in the world, you cannot satisfy everyone, the same exists for this product. It may not have worked on a number of people, but it needs a daily application, at least initially, and furthermore, you cannot have the results immediately. Using it requires patience. But that patience could lead to miracles. To each, his own is the proverb I’d apply here I guess. However, the promise made by this product is too tantalizing to ignore. The consistent users have reported benefits, even aged women in whom the tendency for hair fall is high. And Idol Lash has virtually no side effects.

In any case, I would give anything to have those dramatic, beautiful eyelashes that I have seen in movies and make you look dreamy and surreal. So I guess a trial to test the promised miracle is a small price to pay. And then you can form your own opinion on whether it works or not.

Does Idol Lash work? Check out the video review below: